15 Minutes Exercise Routine Workout

15 Minutes Exercise Routine Workout

15 Minutes Exercise Routine Workout

15 Minutes Exercise Routine Workout

Today, I am going to tell you about the workout training routines exercises after jobs. Before this I want to ask you some question about workout routines, Why we fall sick, why we got body pain, why we got headache.You will find answers of this question in this topic.

Body weight exercise workouts for body

I will tell you my case study, as you know about me, who i am. I use to write blogs on weight loss. I start my work in the morning 6 after good morning exercise and it ends in 11 PM night. Think if I will not go for workout in the evening and morning exercises, what will happen, i also got sick, body pain, back pain etc.

15 Minutes Exercise Routine Workout

7 Minutes Exercise Give you good workout

What i do, as i work at computer all day long, in between one hour, I leave my computer free and do some light 7 minute workout exercise of head, eye, hand etc, and in the evening, I do exercise daily in the morning and go for long and fast walking to remove belly fat i.e evening walk.This is what my story is about workout.

What is your case? Do you go for workout or sit long for work and never leave your computer or work. Are you very busy person and do not have 15 minutes time for exercise. If your answer is not then be ready to fall sick and body pain.

15 Minutes Exercise will give you good refreshment and long age, it will increase your age and never let you sick and have no body pain. You will be healthy forever and your mind will be healthy forever. Physical exercise can also help to make healthy mind.

Before Exercise or workout training routines

# Keep you habit to go toilet daily in the evening before exercise
# Wear light cloth when you doing exercise or Yoga

Bodyweight exercise workouts

* Hand Exercise, Legs, Eye, Head, Waist, Wrist etc
* Yoga is also good option for meditation

Morning Walk with Good Morning exercises

Do you not get up early? do you sleep long? This is your bad habit, if you will say, i had a sleep lately, it is also bad one. Kindly go to sleep on time daily, weather you have too much work pending, leave your work for another day, and go to sleep.

If you sleep on time, you will get up on time, always leave your bed early before sunrise, and got refreshed soon and go to long morning walk. In my case, I get up in the morning 4:30 and go to long morning walk with my friend.

Me and my friend has tied up for daily morning walk. We go 8 KM longest walk daily and also running for 10 minutes to boost our breathing system. We see the sunrise daily and take the positive energy. This was my case. What is in your case? Do you go to morning walk daily? If yes! Very Good. If no! start from today to live long life and disease free life.

You will feel very good, It is good to walk on that time when you would be sleeping.


I want to tell you about workout system. We should do exercise daily for being healthy.

How did you like my 15 Minutes Exercise Routine Workout article, please share your opinion in comment section.

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