Best mental health care Madurai

Best mental health care Madurai

If you are planning for mental treatment, I will tell you one thing that, according to The Hindu, Madurai in the Tamil Nadu, India has become the highest quality mental care service provider. I will tell you that, on the evaluation of the DMHP(District Mental Health Programme), Madurai has got distinction score i.e 9.6 which is the highest one among all the states and districts.

Best mental health care Madurai

Best mental health care Madurai

About DMHP

This is a Mental Health Care Program called District Mental Health Programme(DMHP), has been run by the Government in all 123 districts in India. The goal of this program is to teach the people towards mental care, give suggestion and provide health supports.

In Tamilnadu, DMHP was released in 1997 in Trichy and it was expanded to Madurai and Ramnathapuram  in 2001. Dependent on the effectiveness of the project, the Government of India has expanded the programme in another 13 districts in a phased manner in Tamil Nadu.
Best Mental Healthcare center in India
best mental health care center india

best mental health care center india

  • Early recognition and treatment of patients within the community itself.
  • To see that the affected individuals and their relatives do not have to travel long miles to go for healthcare facility or nursing homes in the cities.
  • To take pressure off the mental hospitals.
  • To decrease the stigma attached towards mental illness through change of mind-set and public education.
  • To cure and rehabilitate sufferers released from psychiatric hospitals within the community.
  • Based on the experiment in Bellary District in Karnataka
  • Trichy selected for the pilot project in 1997
  • Extended to Madurai , Ramanathapuram, Now Theni and Kaniyakumari
  • Institute of Mental Health Identified as the Nodal Agency
  • The district team is a multidisciplinary team exclusively recruited for the DMHP

* Best mental health care Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

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