Brain Hemorrhage Symptoms Causes, Treatments

Brain Hemorrhage Symptoms

Brain Hemorrhage is the big problem in mind, from that person can die or paralyze for the whole life. Why I am writing on very sensitive health problem, because one of the uncle got Brain Hemorrhage, and you wondered it is second time, he has got same problem.

I would like to tell you, he is in ventilation right now after operation of his head. Doctor say, last night, he has got pneumonia in his lung and also he has got fever. He was not in Ventilation just after operation, only he was in ICU(Intensive Care Unit). But 2 days past and my uncle has not come in sense, he was having problem in breathing, then doctor put him in ventilation. Today doctor said that again there will be a operation of his lung.

I would like to share with you one thing, My uncle has got second time Brain hemorrhage.

First time

When he was sleeping, he had got severe ache in his head and then he has been admitted in hospital and doctor has given treatment and do operation of his head and after some days, he become normal. One or two month after my uncle has got complete sense and we were happy to see it.

Brain Hemorrhage Symptoms

But after 6 month, again he has got severe pain, we could not understand it, what Happened! My uncle has been admitted again in the same hospital due to Brain Hemorrhage Symptoms and same doctor has given treatment to him, this time doctor said, why you stop giving medicines after some days.

But the true fact is this, when he was in normal condition, we brought him to the same doctor and he said, you can uncontinue two medicines, on advice of doctor, we have stopped giving that medicines. Doctor says in the hospital, due to the same, the patient has got this problem again.

I have researched a lot in the Internet about Brain Hemorrhage and would like to share with you my experience.

Brain Hemorrhage is a type of stroke(blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain) caused damage the local blood and destroys the tissues and cells. It is the very tough condition. If found this, immediately take the patient into hospital and give them treatment soon. If you do not give quick medication to the patient they can loss their brain and paralyzed whole life. They can go to the coma or death.


High Blood pressure
Any kind of tumor in the brain
weak and abnormal Blood Vessels
Bleeding Disorders(Anemia)
Family History
Drinking and Smoking

Symptoms of Brain Hemorrhage

* Intense Headache
* Vomiting/nausea
* Paralyzed(senseless)
* Lose consciousness

If some amount of Blood came out from the brain, then just understand that you are not having severe stroke, but slow losing consciousness

Treatment and medication

If upper mentioned symptoms found in the patient, immediate contact your doctor for their medication. Doctor will write various tests to verify what exactly happend.
There are some of the following tests

* CT(Computerized Tomography) Scan
* MRI(Magnetic REsonance Imaging) scan
* Lumbar puncture
* Angiography

Treatment options

* Diagnostic radiology
* Interventional radiology
* Microsurgical techniques

It depends on the doctor what type of treatment, he/she do. According to type of hemorrhage, he decides. Mostly doctor do surgery to extract the spilled blood. Doctor do their work very efficiently and patient got improved and came out from the danger condition. But sometime, the patient may be lost their life.

As I told you, in first time, my uncle has got started recovery in 2-3 months and start living normal life, in starting of first 2 months, he did not remember anything. Doctor say, it is hard to tell you that how much time it will take to recover.


* Always wear a halmet while driving two-wheelers
* Normal your blood pressure
* Do not think a lot on particular topic or worry
* Live fruitful life with your family not taking tentions
* Ignore small problems
* Do not work a lot on computer for long time, take break

Brain Hemorrhage Drink

Because it is said that”Prevention is better than cure”

I have shared my uncle’s Brain Hemorrhage Symptoms, please share your opinion.

Ravi @ Health Blogs
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