How can you naturally cure arthritis?

How you can naturally cure arthritis?

In today’s time, most of the individuals suffer from arthritis once they enter the middle adult years of their lives. Arthritis has emerged to be one of the most common disorders in the world, especially for women. Once arthritis is detected, it is quite difficult for the individuals to stay motivated and fight with it.

My mom has also rheumatoid arthritis and I was searching the ayurveda natural arthritis remedies for my mom. Meditation is the one natural technique which I will recommend strongly to all. We are not ill by body first rather we are ill by mind first and Rajyoga Meditation helped my mom a lot to face such disease. If mind is not healthy, we can not face such long term disease and never be cured. So, start meditation today by visiting nearest Brahmakumaris center.

How can you naturally cure arthritis?

How can you naturally cure arthritis?

Natural Ways to Treat Arthritis

There are several ways to cure arthritis to a maximum extent. Naturally cure arthritis ways are highly recommended in treating of Rheumatoid Arthritis without any side effects. Natural remedies for arthritis pain have proved to be of great benefit for arthritis patients and reduced the chances of re-occurrence of arthritis to a great extent. Here are some of the compelling natural ways which lead to the natural cure for arthritis.

Following Naturally cure arthritis for my mom

Apply olive oil

Olive oil is one of the best available oils in the recent times. It is useful in the remedies for different disorders, especially for Rheumatoid arthritis. If you have arthritis, then you need to opt for the olive oil massage as soon as possible. Olive oil plays a crucial role in slowing down the progression of this disorder, thus protecting the joints. You can trust olive oil as one of the natural remedies for arthritis pain. It is quite readily available and frequently used oils in today’s time.

Epsom salt soak

Epsom salt soak is a quite traditional method of soothing the pain associated with arthritis. Magnesium is present in the Epson salt. This leads to the reduction of the inflammatory effect in and around the joints of the patients. Soaking the hands and legs in the Epsom salt water leads to significant benefits to the joints. It is one of the recommended home remedies for arthritis in hands.

Exercise and Lose Weight

Most of the arthritis patients get lazier day by day due to the pain and discomfort associated with the disease and gain weight which is to lose weight. This can be quickly deal with the help of the exercise on a regular basis. It is recommended for the arthritis patients to walk on a daily basis for at least 30-60 minutes as one of the natural remedies for arthritis pain. There are many benefits to exercise than just losing weight.

Regular exercise helps all joints for flexibility. If your weight is heavy and you are walking and running fast, It can be damaging. Losing weight is the great impact on the pain especially knees, hips and feet. Due to heavy weight, you knees can not bear pressure and pain can increase. Reducing weight can cure this pain.

Grapefruit Juice

This is a citrus fruit similar to that of the oranges and lemons. It has been proved that the grapefruit juice is beneficial for the arthritis patients. Also, it has got a lot of antioxidants present in it. Grapefruit juice also boosts the immune system of the body. It fights against the obesity and leads to improvement of the metabolic capacity of the body.

White willow tea

This tea is a herbal tea which is associated with natural remedies for arthritis pain. It plays crucial roles in relieving pain from the joints naturally as well as ensures that the inflammatory effects of arthritis on the body are reduced. You can also consume it in the powdered form for the required results.

Try Hot and Cold physiotherapy with acupuncture

My mom has immense pain in her hand, waist and knees. Orthopedic doctor has suggested physiotherapy. I take my mom to physiotherapist. He has two option hot and cold. Before this therapy, you should consult your therapist which one is better for you and will work on your pain. Hot and cold treatment work better on arthritis pain. We can try hot and cold treatment at our home like hot water bath especially in the morning help to reduce stiffness. Heating pad on the pain section work better.

In cold treatments, we can try a frozen bag of vegetables and gel ice pack and can apply on the joints. This is the natural arthritis relief techniques. As far as acupuncture is concern, it is the great ancient Chinese treatment which is the most researched therapy used in the whole world. World Health Organization has also recommended for treatment of over 100 conditions. In this therapy treatment, it is inserted thin needles into the specific points of the body which reroute energies of the body and restore balance. It is good for arthritis patients to reduce stiffness and pain. Consult your certified acupuncturist in your area.

Do Yoga and Meditation for mental peace

My mom has arthritis since long and She has no health insurance policy yet. This is the long term disease and can not be cure completely. My mom has bored taking lot of medicines and therapies. She has no sleep at night due to side effect of the medicines and become mentally ill I go to Brahmakumari daily for meditation and spiritual knowledge. I also take my mom to Meditation center for regular Rajyoga Meditation which helped a lot relaxing mind to get peace.

So that, she can face situation positively. Positive mind can cure any kind of disease fast. It is scientifically proved that meditation has ability to reduce pain from arthritis. The National Institute of Health(NIH) has studied on the same and found that meditation is helpful. Any kind of depression can be finished by meditation and Rajyoga meditation is the best meditation among all kind of meditation.

As Diet As Health

  1. Add fatty acids in diet
  2. Add turmeric to dishes
  3. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage, Garlic, Vitamic C
  4. Tart Cherries
  5. Great Tea
  6. Citrus fruits
  7. Oatmeal, Brown Bread, Brown rice
  8. Beans, Nuts

Thus, these are the natural remedies for arthritis pain which leads to the successful cure for arthritis in the affected patients which I am also using for my mom. You can check my mom rheumatoid arthritis case study. You just need to implement naturally cure arthritis in time and move towards the path of healing.

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