Cavities Tooth Decay And Root Canal

Cavities Tooth Decay And Root Canal
Cavities is the serious problem which occurs in our teeth, the main thing is that we never know about it till when we do not have pain or any sensitivity from cold and hot. It is main cause of Tooth Decay.
Cavities are not a problem which is occurred very soon, it is the long term destructive method. When we eat, we always get pressure on that particular teeth and which destruct the teeth.
Cavities, Tooth Decay and Root Canal

Cavities, Tooth Decay and Root Canal

One of my friends has got this tooth decay, he used to eat foods which has rich sugar and carbohydrates, chocolate, milk, ice-cream etc, conclusion that, he has got cavities in his teeth.
Time keeps passing, one day; he has got some toothaches in his left teeth area. He could not eat food more. We just bring him up to the Dentist, the doctor said; your friend has got cavities in his teeth. He cured for a moment, he just cleaned the cavities and just fills the cavities temporary and said; now you can eat and you will not have pain.
Now see, after 4-5 months, the filling has been evacuated and he used to eat from one side and ignored. After some time i.e. 1 year, he again feels pain in his teeth.
His cavities had increased, now doctor said, we have to do root canal therapy. Now Doctor whose name is Dr. Mirza, Holy Chouk, Tigri, New Delhi has started Root Canal Therapy and fill that part of area and said, in future, you will have to put cap(silver or ceramic) on that particular teeth. After sometime, my friend has got to wear cap and feel relief.

Why Tooth Decay and Cavities

Friends, if someone keeps eating more sugar quoted things like alcohol, soda, cold drinks, milk, chocolate, creamy food, candy etc, they also can have cavities in their teeth.
When to Consult Doctor
Friends, if you are feeling pain while eating food or someone suggest you to clean teeth from doctor. You are feeling sensitivity while taking hot or cold water. You should immediately consult a dentist and cure the problem as soon as possible.
How to cure cavities
If you are having cavities, the best method to cure is, brushing with fluoride toothpaste. If this does not worth it, soon to consult any dentist to remove cavities from there and just fill the hole created in your teeth, so that anything you would eat, the food would be jammed in your teeth.
Save Baby From Tooth Decay
If you want to protect your baby’s tooth, you should feed milk with a cup, not from bottle as soon as possible. It can save your baby teeth. If you feel your baby teeth is having premature decay, you should soon to consult doctor to treat it.
Dentist I know
Dr. Mirza
Holy Chouk, Tigri Extention,
New Delhi – 110062
Dr. K.C. Chang
Rajendra Market
Dhanbad, Jharkhand
Cavities Tooth Decay And Root Canal
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