Drinking More Alcohol May Cause Your Death

Drinking More alcohol may cause your death

Drinking habit is not good ever and this statement has been proved by my this real life example. I have seen 4 deaths in 6 months due to heavy drinking of wine.

In which two of them are in my friendship and relatives and others two are in my neighbors  You know they have been in the habit of taking heavy wine in whole day. Their life were fully become the habit of taking wine and big addiction of wine.

Drinking Alcohol cause for death

Drinking Alcohol cause for death

Before some day, they are healthy and used to take little wine, but time to time they started taking heavy wine and become addictive of it. After passing time, their health started giving problem of something like constipation, heart problem, indigestion and many others problem in their body. All the doctors said directly to them, now nothing can be happened, they will die after some months.

Alcohol Addiction

When you start drinking first sip of wine, your brain has started damaging your mind slowly. The addiction of anything is not good. Alcohol addiction can make your mind numb and senseless and there are many such physical problem you have to face it.

It can destroy your liver, head, heart. Alcohol can kill you and it is a killer drug. It can destroy your happy family. I am reminding one thing, one of my friends used to take wine daily and after drinking he used to quarrel with his family.

If you started drinking wine then do not take too much and do not make it your habit and addiction. If you can leave it, just leave. You know that any thing excessive is not good. There are many deaths due to excessive alcohol in the whole countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States say that this year total 80,000 deaths due to alcohol. They gave us a standard measures of alcohol.

Under Age Drinking Alcohol

Generally this is happen among teen friends and college friends. Take care of your children that they can take alcohol in their friend circle or group. Under Age Alcohol Drink Guide.

Disadvantage of Drinking Alcohol

Muscle Pain
Diseases(Heart, Liver, Kidney, Diabetes, lungs, ulcers etc)

My Suggestions

Friends, if your friends are encouraging you to take alcohol with them, kindly do not go with them and ignore them. Suggest them not to drink. If you want to live more life, you have to leave it first completely. Start taking milk instead of it.

How to Leave Your Drinking Habit Permanently?

Friends, If you have been addicted to take wine and drinking regularly. It is not good for your health. You better know also. But you are addicted now, that is why you could not be able to leave wine like a child is addicted their mother’s milk. We can not say, it is addiction. But they badly need it.

If you really want to live more life, you have to leave this bad habit now. You have to teach your mind about its bad impact. I saw, there are many people who left their bad habit having practiced the Rajyoga Meditation.

This will make your mind healthy, wealthy and wise. It is fully a proved techniques to leave your bad habit. You can learn this meditation from Brahma Kumaris Centers which has more than 9000 centers in all over the world. This organization has been doing good for the society.

 Share your valuable opinion on the same. Drinking More alcohol may cause your death.

Addiction free through Rajyoga Meditation
Addiction free through Rajyoga Meditation at Brahma Kumaris
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  1. Andre Beland says:

    Alcohol addiction is a serious problem and very common. The damage done to the major organs can be reversed if caught early using with good detoxification program. I have website How can you Detox your Liver. Hopefully this can help someone.