By Major Surindra Mohan Khosla

In Life we juggle through a number of events, they are like balls, if we drop them, some have the ability to bounce back-like rubber balls. But others are like glass balls. The Family is like a glass ball, if you drop it, it doesn’t come back.

The real trick in life is to turn the hindsight into foresight that reveals the insight. So never look back, turn a wound into wisdom or as I would say let your past serve you. Our lives are short and our hours are limited that we can fully love. Give every bit of ourselves to our waking moments. Focus on the things that truly count in your life. Think for a moment. Did I live wisely. Did I love well and Did I serve greatly?

Do you know that the mind rarely rests it is always worrying about the past or thinking about the future. But that stuff isn’t real. All that matters is the moment before you.

There is always something we all need to do more as we journey through life. Reflection is the mother of wisdom. Rely on it and move ahead.

This life will never come again, it is what makes life so sweet.

(Author Unknown)


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