Lucid Dreaming: Why Do We Dream At Night

Lucid Dreaming: Why Do We Dream At Night

I am going to tell you one thing which I have researched last night, I saw dream, and then I started thinking why? Why I see dream, what is that…might be interesting!
Why we do Dream at Night? Does we see dream in somnolence state or drowsy sleep?
Firstly, why sleep, also a interesting question Sleep is what! it is a natural state due to absent consciousness, our sensor activity of mind has been suspended and all parts of body become inactive.
In terms of computer what is the difference between hibernation and sleep, that is what in real life! Sleep means, our power of body would be running and in hibernate state it lost, that is why people go to coma sometime.
Actually it decreases metabolism only about 5-10%. There are two stages of sleep rapid-eye-movement (REM) and non-rapid-eye-movement (NREM).
Facts about dreaming about someone
why do we dream at night

why do we dream at night

REM sleep accounts 20-25% of total sleep time in most adults. Most memorable dreaming we see in this stage. NREM stage is divided into three stages N1->N2->N3.

When we sleep the cycle is the combination of REM and NREM like this N1->N2->N3->N2->REM. In N3 we are having deep sleep. REM is just before natural awakening.

Researchers at the University of California and University College London have found that lack of sleep can more than double the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, but that too much sleep also brings diseases.

Now Dream is the combination of images, ideas, emotions and sensations. In our mind they occurs involuntarily When we sleep drowsy. Dreams having various natures like lucid, frightening, exciting, magical, melancholic, adventurous or sexual.

Types of Dreams and how to dream at night

  1. Lucid Dreaming
  2. Nightmares
  3. Common Dreams
According to wiki notes about dreaming facts
Average Sleep/Per day
New born
Up to 18 hours
1-12 months
14-18 hours
1-3 years
12-15 hours
3-5 years
11-13 hours
5-12 years
9-11 hours
9-10 hours
Adults including elder
7-8 hours
Pregnant women
8(+) hours
There are many article, history of dream has been developed by scientist, psychotherapist, neurobiologist etc.
Mostly people see the dream due to anxiety.
In this day there is no explanation to answer this question “what are dreams” exactly. But advancement of MRI technique we clearly can be able to see that which part of our brain is active during the sleep. We also know now that when we sleep our brain does not sleep like “computer sleep”, they do re-awake and form dream.
There are various regions of our brain, the limbic region of the brain deals with emotion.
“The researcher Eugen Tarnow told us that lucid dreams are excitation of long term memory.”
“We experience a dream as real because it is real…the miracle is how, without any help from the sense organs, the brain replicates in the dream all the sensory information that creates the world we live in when we are awake.” —William Dement, Pioneering sleep researcher.
First time a book “SCIENCE OF DREAMING” has been developed and available.
Sometimes happen, what we see into our dream, we could not able to remind that.
At the end
Our dreams inspired us and help us to resolve many problems in our life. We always go to sleep on time, so that we never fall under any diseases and make our mind healthy.
Why Do We Dream?

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