Numbness and Tingling in Both Hand

Numbness and Tingling in Both Hand due to increased thyroid

It was disaster for my life, when I came to know about numbness, it is little Paralysis. When one of my relative got tired going to too many doctors, they are scared about her numbness in her both hand.
They have been referred by their last doctor to good orthopedic doctor for immediate surgery. They have been getting prescribed medicines, but there were not affecting from that medicines, finally, last doctor has written a blood test with thyroid test.
We have gone for test and finally positive report came and found thyroid increased in her blood. Doctor said, your both hand became numb and tingling in hand, she could not be able to lift anything, she could not cook also. She has been referred to Orthopedic surgeon for surgery. Now she has gone for treatment in big hospital, this can be the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
Numbness and Tingling in Both Hand
Numbness and tingling in your both hand due to increase thyroid in blood
Thyroid Blood Test
Thyroid Blood Test makes you sure that your thyroid is working properly or not. We tell it hyperthyroid when it is working over and we say it hypothyroid when it is working poor.
It is also called TSH test (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). Thyroid gland is responsible for making proteins and controls our body’s hormones. If TSH is high, our body stop to produce hormones and the following are the symptoms found in our body.
Symptoms If TSH is high
Integument Symptom means changes in your skin and hair. Weight gain, swelling the hand or leg, little numbness, depression, joint pain in your leg or hand, weakness, senseless in your hand. More symptoms at

What is numbness and tingling?

Numbness and tingling are the similar; both are sensation which is abnormal. It can affect any part of the body, generally, our fingers, hand, legs or arms.
Symptoms of numbness
Senseless of any organ, hand, feet, leg, arm
Cause of Numbness
No Physical work, back injury, break in blood supply, increase thyroid in blood, lack of vitamin B12, animal bites etc
You should consult the doctor as soon as possible for numbness, he will prescribe some blood test and then he will give treatment as surgical and non-surgical method.
Doctors give medicine regularly to control thyroid as per thyroid test report. They increase and decrease MG of medicines as per report. Medicine will always be going on as per report.
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Numbness and Tingling in Both Hand – Senseless Hands
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    The thyroid, a small gland found in the neck near the voice box, is one of many glands that produce hormones that help regulate the body's functions. The thyroid itself is actually regulated by a hormone called TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) released by the pituitary gland in the brain.

  3. Your post is very helpful for me ,i have thyroid problem past few year.
    I read your blog ,which is helpful for me to fight with this.


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  5. OMG, this was totally new to me… I think I will make a Thyroid Blood Test when I will have a chance! Thank you for noticing us!