How To Cure Your Pimples Acne

How To Cure Your Pimples Acne

I know, you are fedup with these pimples increasing in your face, which is reducing your beauty too. It left a black spot on our face. You know what, when I was young and at teen age, a lot of pimples came out in my face and head. I was just fedup with using soap, cream suggested by doctors and peoples.

How To Cure Your Pimples AcneI have reasearched a lot on it, According to me, it is the duration which you have to face, mainly it is due to drink less water in your diet and eat more hot foods can cause these Pimples, ACNE, ZITS, Black Spots etc.

Cure Pimple

Cure Pimple

I used to go somewhere outside, people used to comment on it, how embarrassment, I felt. They used to suggest me, use this face cream, that facewash, that soap.

I never used. I just started my good diet with immense amount of liquid and water. I used the leaf of Neem on my face and used soap made by neem leaf. I used to wash my face 2-3 times in a day. You should never put your face dry.

There are many such things, we have to take care about that, when we are facing problem from Pimples.

What you should do with your pimples?

1. Wash your face daily 2 times with warm water, use soap like made by neem leaf.
2. Apply Neem Leaf Water on affected area
3. Use soap, oil, cream, facewash only suggested by doctors
4. Get off your all makeup before going to sleep
5. Just use something after shave your beard to make your face soft.

What you should not do?

1. Never burst your pimples, it can increase infection on your face.
2. Never use any soap suggested by any people, just consult your doctor about your soap, cream, facewash, oil etc
3. Whenever you touch your face at pimple affected area, just wash your hand immediately before touching anywhere else. It increases infection from one place to others.
4. Do not touch your face anytime or repeatedly
5. Do not sleep with makeup on your face.

This was my experience towards my pimples at my teen age. If you have any other tips, you can add over here.

How To Cure Your Pimples Acne

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Cavities Tooth Decay And Root Canal

Cavities Tooth Decay And Root Canal
Cavities is the serious problem which occurs in our teeth, the main thing is that we never know about it till when we do not have pain or any sensitivity from cold and hot. It is main cause of Tooth Decay.
Cavities are not a problem which is occurred very soon, it is the long term destructive method. When we eat, we always get pressure on that particular teeth and which destruct the teeth.
Cavities, Tooth Decay and Root Canal

Cavities, Tooth Decay and Root Canal

One of my friends has got this tooth decay, he used to eat foods which has rich sugar and carbohydrates, chocolate, milk, ice-cream etc, conclusion that, he has got cavities in his teeth.
Time keeps passing, one day; he has got some toothaches in his left teeth area. He could not eat food more. We just bring him up to the Dentist, the doctor said; your friend has got cavities in his teeth. He cured for a moment, he just cleaned the cavities and just fills the cavities temporary and said; now you can eat and you will not have pain.
Now see, after 4-5 months, the filling has been evacuated and he used to eat from one side and ignored. After some time i.e. 1 year, he again feels pain in his teeth.
His cavities had increased, now doctor said, we have to do root canal therapy. Now Doctor whose name is Dr. Mirza, Holy Chouk, Tigri, New Delhi has started Root Canal Therapy and fill that part of area and said, in future, you will have to put cap(silver or ceramic) on that particular teeth. After sometime, my friend has got to wear cap and feel relief.

Why Tooth Decay and Cavities

Friends, if someone keeps eating more sugar quoted things like alcohol, soda, cold drinks, milk, chocolate, creamy food, candy etc, they also can have cavities in their teeth.
When to Consult Doctor
Friends, if you are feeling pain while eating food or someone suggest you to clean teeth from doctor. You are feeling sensitivity while taking hot or cold water. You should immediately consult a dentist and cure the problem as soon as possible.
How to cure cavities
If you are having cavities, the best method to cure is, brushing with fluoride toothpaste. If this does not worth it, soon to consult any dentist to remove cavities from there and just fill the hole created in your teeth, so that anything you would eat, the food would be jammed in your teeth.
Save Baby From Tooth Decay
If you want to protect your baby’s tooth, you should feed milk with a cup, not from bottle as soon as possible. It can save your baby teeth. If you feel your baby teeth is having premature decay, you should soon to consult doctor to treat it.
Dentist I know
Dr. Mirza
Holy Chouk, Tigri Extention,
New Delhi – 110062
Dr. K.C. Chang
Rajendra Market
Dhanbad, Jharkhand
Cavities Tooth Decay And Root Canal
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Best mental health care Madurai

Best mental health care Madurai

If you are planning for mental treatment, I will tell you one thing that, according to The Hindu, Madurai in the Tamil Nadu, India has become the highest quality mental care service provider. I will tell you that, on the evaluation of the DMHP(District Mental Health Programme), Madurai has got distinction score i.e 9.6 which is the highest one among all the states and districts.

Best mental health care Madurai

Best mental health care Madurai

About DMHP

This is a Mental Health Care Program called District Mental Health Programme(DMHP), has been run by the Government in all 123 districts in India. The goal of this program is to teach the people towards mental care, give suggestion and provide health supports.

In Tamilnadu, DMHP was released in 1997 in Trichy and it was expanded to Madurai and Ramnathapuram  in 2001. Dependent on the effectiveness of the project, the Government of India has expanded the programme in another 13 districts in a phased manner in Tamil Nadu.
Best Mental Healthcare center in India
best mental health care center india

best mental health care center india

  • Early recognition and treatment of patients within the community itself.
  • To see that the affected individuals and their relatives do not have to travel long miles to go for healthcare facility or nursing homes in the cities.
  • To take pressure off the mental hospitals.
  • To decrease the stigma attached towards mental illness through change of mind-set and public education.
  • To cure and rehabilitate sufferers released from psychiatric hospitals within the community.
  • Based on the experiment in Bellary District in Karnataka
  • Trichy selected for the pilot project in 1997
  • Extended to Madurai , Ramanathapuram, Now Theni and Kaniyakumari
  • Institute of Mental Health Identified as the Nodal Agency
  • The district team is a multidisciplinary team exclusively recruited for the DMHP

* Best mental health care Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle
Many of my friends and relative, I have seen them treating from the doctor for some reasons. I think, if we follow some healthy lifestyle tips, we could save ourselves from various types of diseases. We should follow these healthy lifestyle suggested by various doctors.
Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

I do not want to go to doctor ever, that is why I follow some good and healthy life style trends. I researched a lot on it and collected some of the tips suggested by doctors to stay disease free.

Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness in a Women, Men, Older People

1. Take Healthy Diet
2. Give up your bad habits like chewing tobacco, alcohol and cigarettes
3. Do not eat snack food, chocolate, ice-cream, pastries, biscuits, chips and col drinks more etc
4. Take and include more and more fruits and vegetables in your life.
5. Go to bed early at night and wake up early too
6. Do exercise or Yoga daily in the morning and walk at evening after office
7. Do hangout with your friends in free time for peace of mind in busy life.
8. Start drinking milk instead of wine or any other beverages
9. Take more Vitamin and calcium food like milk(Calcium), Beef(Phosphorous), Kale(Vitamin K), Onions(Boron, Mineral), Strawberries(Vitamin C) and Mackerel(Vitamin D)
10. Eat More Fish
11. Do not skip your breakfast
12. Drink more and more waters

Various types of Juice for various diseases

Various types of Juice for various diseases

If you require to add more tips, you can give or add comments.

Benefits of More Drinking Water

Image: Healthrecoverytips Benefits of More Drinking Water

If you are going to long walk in the morning, you should drink one bottle of water before going to toilet, it is good for body.

One more and last tips, sleep well and manage time to sleep well. In this busy life, we could not be able to sleep more.
* Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness for our Family
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Healthy Tips Mentally ill Mind negative think

Healthy Tips for Mentally ill Mind

Hello Friends, Why I am here to write about illness of our Mentally ill Mind, sometime it happens and it change our life completely either wrong way or good way. Do you know? When does it happen?

When you are unsatisfied by some reasons, whatever may be the reasons. This UN-satisfaction comes into our life, when we are going to perform some wrong thing, I mean the work done by you which did not come from your heart, you had done it unwillingly. It will not satisfy your heart and mind on that time you started thinking wrong way.

Think Positive

Think Positive

There are some of the real life cases in our life when our mind think in a negative direction: Suppose

1. When you could not meet your girlfriend or your girlfriend has deceived you
2. Something you expected and you could not get it, means Expectation which could not be completed
3. Somebody who were very close to you, who cheated with you or hearten you.

4. You are in prison due to some wrong cases, your mind becomes Mentally ill in prison.

There may be many reasons in our life from which we may be hearten, our mind do come in big depression and started thinking negative. It may be spoil our life and career. You are not mentally ill, but you should think positive on that time, so that you can recover from that condition. You should not expect anything from anyone, the only thing, you do your own and never depend on anyone. You will never be hearten from anyone.

When we are in depression and do more worry, on that time, our mind has gone stuck and we can not think positive, our mind pushes to think negative and do negative activity like drinking, smoking etc. In our Holy book, The Geeta, it is also written that 95% peoples are negative thinking people and 5% peoples are positive thinking people in the world.

It is so crucial to keep your mind cool and health to get productive results from your activity. There are great contributions to have such healthy mind in our body. Healthy mind can give you immense pleasure and happiness. Some of the healthy mind tips, which can help you, when you are in such condition and can not able to think anything.

Some tips for healthy Mentally ill Mind

1. Keep yourself busy always in your extra curricular activities, hobbies and your work.
2. Start morning and evening walk daily to have healthy mind. Yoga & Meditation can help you.
3. Get rid of your friends which demotivate you always.
4. Always think positive towards all people
5. Dis-join such group where they do talk about third person always like in whats up, Facebook Group etc
6. Whatever you do, you do with your full interest, if you are not having interest, just leave it, do not do that.
7. Do not expect anything from anyone
8. Good sleep is only cure for mind, so go to bed on time, and getup early in the morning
9. In the morning time, when you got up, just prepare your to do chart for all day long, and follow strictly.
10. Listen meditation music while walking
11. Always update yourself to read daily newspaper(should be in your interested language)
12. Finance pays important role for satisfaction, so you should save some money from your salary. Money is everything.

I have one real life example, in one of my friend’s family, his maternal uncle has been cheated and involved in wrong case. He has got prison till the case running. In prison, he was not mentally healthy. Many times, he has to go hospitals. In this situation, we should not think negative but fight the situation.

These are some of the points in my mind to have healthy mind, if you have something in your mind to add it, just add your opinion in comment section. Negative Thinking Mentally ill Mind. I am sharing my own experience about negative and positive thinking people. I joined the Brahmakumaris centre in India. Its centres are everywhere in world. We can feel mental peace after taking some education from there.

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