How to Whiten Teeth with Banana peel

How to Whiten Teeth with Banana peel

In the morning time, I just want to share with you some important thing of life which every people want. Who will not need to clean their teeth. I have one trick to whiten your teeth to share with you. Wanna know?

Teeth Cleaning and Whiten Tips

By the way, there are many such techniques available to whiten your teeth, but the technique, I am going to share with you which is very effective and without any cost. Do you eat banana? Having eaten, what do you do with banana peel? Do you throw it? Kindly Do Not throw it, just use Banana peel to whiten your teeth!

Whiten Teeth With Banana Peel

Whiten Teeth With Banana Peel

Steps to whiten your teeth by banana peel

1. Take a piece of the inside of the banana peel
2. Rub your teeth from that peel for 2-3 minutes

Benefits of Banana peel

Banana peel contains amazing minerals like potassium, magnesium and manganese. If you rub your teeth from this peel, your teeth absorb that minerals and whiten them out. Wanna Try it out? Just Try Friends!

More techniques available

1. Go to the good dentist
2. Try some turmeric powder and mustard oil mix to clean your teeth
3. Try like sensodyne toothpaste
4. Brushing with Baking soda

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Banana peel teeth whitening Live

* Whiten Teeth with Banana peel

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Blue Cheese Good For Heart

Blue Cheese Good For Heart

Guys, did you ever heard about Blue Cheese, I was searching about heart health and found an interesting thing i.e. Blue cheese, it is helpful for your health also called ‘Roquefort cheese’. There is a new finding about heart diseases, Blue cheese has anti-inflammatory attributes which can remove and ward off your heart diseases.

Advantage of Blue Cheese

* Help in Heart Disease
* Help in Slow Arthritis
* Slow the ageing signs i.e. cellulite(As per Cambridge-based biotech company Lycotec)
* Good for Acidic environments
* Fights from bacteria in our body
* Due to having goat’s milk, it is good for our health like less fat and give vitamins A and B, calcium, phosphorus and iron
* Good for our brain
* Give body to enormous amount of calcium which is beneficial for growing girls
* Fight from dental problems like Cavities and decay

Blue Cheese Good For Heart
Blue Cheese recipes Lists

* Chips with Blue Cheese Dip
* Blue Cheese and Pear Tart
* Gorgonzola Flat Bread with Red Onion
* Soup with Blue Cheese
* Cobb Salad
* Blue Cheese Dressing
* Tomatoes and Blue Cheese

There are number of advantage of Blue cheese, try to involve it in your diet.

* Blue Cheese Good For Heart

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Healthy Holiday Christmas Gifts to promote good health

Healthy Holiday Christmas Gifts to promote good health

There are many Christmas and Holiday Gifts are popular like cards, chocolate, cake etc. But I want to give such a healthy gifts to my spouse and friends to promote good healthy habits so that they will be healthy always.

Healthy Gifts would make them healthy too. I was searching such a gifts and found cool gifts for children like new bike helmet and toothbrush which is singing for their good health and clean teeth.

Healthy Holiday Christmas Gifts

Healthy Holiday Christmas Gifts

For elders, I have some healthy gifts lists like

1. Home Massage System
2. Pedometer
3. Healthy Diet or exercise DVD
4. Laughter Yoga DVD
5. Sleep Tracker
6. Alarm Watch
7. Dark Chocolates
8. Healthy E-books

9. Spiritual Books, CD, DVDs

Eating Holiday Christmas Gifts

Best quality Water Filter
Dry Fruits
Safe Knives Set
Food Saver
Good Lunch Bag

One of the most typical healthy and balanced interests of older people is gardening. It is an work out because it needs movement of their body, help them to be filled and keep them from getting sick and tired and lonely.

Others select to just remain in the house and prepare or just watch TV. But you don’t want to see your grandparents just seated all day and not doing everything.

Encourage them to move at least a mile every early morning. Some of the Christmas healthy gifts for our grandparents that you can buy are: gardening tools, warm work out/jogging suit they can use for their work out, or durable but cost-effective tennis footwear, yoga mat, different exercise tools.

We should give healthy gifts so that, people can keep their health good.

* Healthy Holiday Christmas Gifts to promote good health

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Drinking More Alcohol May Cause Your Death

Drinking More alcohol may cause your death

Drinking habit is not good ever and this statement has been proved by my this real life example. I have seen 4 deaths in 6 months  due to heavy drinking of wine.

In which two of them are in my friendship and relatives and others two are in my neighbors  You know they have been in the habit of taking heavy wine in whole day. Their life were fully become the habit of taking wine and big addiction of wine.

Drinking Alcohol cause for death

Drinking Alcohol cause for death

Before some day, they are healthy and used to take little wine, but time to time they started taking heavy wine and become addictive of it. After passing time, their health started giving problem of something like constipation, heart problem, indigestion and many others problem in their body. All the doctors said directly to them, now nothing can be happened, they will die after some months.

Alcohol Addiction

When you start drinking first sip of wine, your brain has started damaging your mind slowly. The addiction of anything is not good. Alcohol addiction can make your mind numb and senseless and there are many such physical problem you have to face it.

It can destroy your liver, head, heart. Alcohol can kill you and it is a killer drug. It can destroy your happy family. I am reminding one thing, one of my friends used to take wine daily and after drinking he used to quarrel with his family.

If you started drinking wine then do not take too much and do not make it your habit and addiction. You know that any thing excessive is not good. There are many deaths due to excessive alcohol in the whole countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States say that this year total 80,000 deaths due to alcohol. They gave us a standard measures of alcohol.

Under Age Drinking Alcohol

Generally this is happen among teen friends and college friends. Take care of your children that they can take alcohol in their friend circle or group. Under Age Alcohol Drink Guide.

Disadvantage of Drinking Alcohol

Muscle Pain
Diseases(Heart, Liver, Kidney, Diabetes, lungs, ulcers etc)

My Suggestions

Friends, if your friends are encouraging you to take alcohol with them, kindly do not go with them and ignore them. Suggest them not to drink. If you want to live more life, you have to leave it first completely. Start taking milk instead of it.

 Share your valuable opinion on the same. Drinking More alcohol may cause your death.

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Stomach burning but constipated

Stomach burning but constipated
Are you exhausted of avoiding foods that you used to love, just due to the fact they are a resource of indigestion? Many people suffer from regular acid indigestion symptoms.

How to Know When You Need Indigestion Remedies

It is significant to be able to know what signs to search for so that you can know whether you need to use your solutions in the right away. Here are some of the most common symptoms that acid stomach upset remedies are needed:

• Burning in the stomach or upper abdomen
• Pain in your abdomen
• Feeling stomach ache or full
• Belching
• Gas
• Nausea or vomiting
• Acidic taste in your mouth all the time
• Growling stomach

Keep in mind that any symptoms of indigestion that continue to persist for more than a day after utilizing your remedies for heartburn should be revealed to your doctor right away.

Stomach Burning

Stomach Burning

Instant Solutions and Indigestion RemediesIf your Stomach is burning due to constipation, just take some Prune Juice, or any laxative, so that you will feel cool instantly. Take some medicine which is having antacid powder, take this powder with some water to get instant relief from constipation and indigestion which is generally caused by too much food or drink.

If you are feeling cool now, so do not worry more, just take a rest, it will be cured in 2-3 hours and you will be good. If this is not worth it, go and contact your physician immediately. Another remedies are as follow:

1. Do not eat in hurry, have your meal slowly
2. Drink water after eating
3. Do not eat late night
4. Do not eat spicy food
5. Avoid processed Sugar in your food
* Stomach burning but constipated
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