Prevent And Precaution Dangerous Disease Dengue

Prevent And Precaution Dangerous Disease Dengue
It is very regret to say about the increasing data of dengue affected person in our society. My project manager has also affected from dengue and his platelets are decreasing day by day. He is having so fear about this disease.
But if we can have some tips to prevent competently and can save us and our whole society. Earlier we only find this disease in our villages with some cities, but we started getting dengue patients in metro cities too like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata etc.
It is spreading very fast in such cities. I would like to say also that last year the legend film maker late Mr. Yash Chopra sahab died from dengue itself in Mumbai. As soon raining season entered, dengue has started spreading it effect. So, lets discuss some points on dengue and its effect and precaution.
Dengue is the dangerous disease,  from it, a person can die if not taking care. It is also called break bone fever which is caused by the extreme muscle and body pain.
Now the question is how we can have extreme pain in our body, it is due to that virus which came in our body after the bite of female mosquito called ‘Aedes aegypti mosquito’.

How dengue spreads?

It spreads from female mosquito, mosquito acquire virus infected blood by already infected person and bite others. It is due to spreading viruses. Female mosquito use to transmit virus whole life.
We can see this dengue effect worldwide. It is not only India but it is in the whole world. I will give you more insight on the same further.One thing we should know that it does not spread via direct person to person transmission of the virus. It is due to infected blood transfusion and when we donate our organs.

Types of virus caused dengue

There are four types of virus which is the cause of dengueDEN 1, DEN 2, DEN 3 AND DEN4

Symptoms of dengue in our bodyGeneral symptoms we can see in the people who are affected from dengue like following:

Hemorrhagic fever,
Muscle pain
Skin infection
Low blood platelets (dangerous)
Headache and pain in eyes
Joint pain

Its effect lies 4 to 10 days. I would like to share also that my project manager has got high fever one day suddenly and he ignored that and buy medicine without any subscription by medical shop.

But fever could not be recovered, the he went to hospital and doctor suggested some tests and the result is very dangerous, doctor found dengue virus in the blood and his blood platelets are decreasing rapidly.
He has been admitted in the hospital and doctor has started treatment.We should not ignore such fever which is repeatedly coming.Treatment of denguePrevention is better than cure.
I will tell you that, there is no vaccine come to treat dengue, so prevention is the greatest action which is effective one. Doctor also give supportive treatment only to normalize your blood platelets which is the danger zone for life.
So doctors try to keep your blood platelets normal.

Normal blood platelets in our body

Between 150,000 and 450,000 per micro litre of blood

Instant treatment of Dengue

When you find very weakness after the fever and its repeatedly coming, the you just be alert and start doing the following thing:
Drink ORS
Drink , more water
Test your blood platelets
Avoid spicy and oily food
Take food which is easily digestive like banana, rice and gruel, boiled vegetables, soft food
Juice of papaya leaves is good for dengue fever, it is also good for blood platelets count.
Avoid any kind of fever tablets, headache and muscle pain tablets, don’t take any medicine with the doctor consultation, it can harm your platelets.

Prevention from dengue at our home

* Wear full sleeve dresses and good repellent
* Cover your window with net, so that mosquito can not enter into room we should use coils, liquid or any other kind of solution put your utensils or pods in reverse form after wash
* Always keep your home clean, do not let water collected in one place
* Cover water tanks, keep your coolers clean always

Prevention From Dengue At Our Society

Always keep your society along with your home clean, do not let water collected in one place
sprinkle some kind of chemicals to kill all mosquito.
we should not let it increased
Cover all water tanks and drums
keep all gutters clean
burn all type of waste and burn them out

Source of Information – Internet, take advice from doctor before any action.Symptoms of dengue, Dengue is increasing rapidly in New Delhi Dengue in the Philippines.

Important Tips to Increase platelet count in Dengue

Papaya leaf juice works like a miracle with honey. Within 12 hours the platelet count increased from 68,000 to 200,000.

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Dengue Treatment at home
Dengue Treatment at home
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