Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis

Many arthritis patients have used biologic medications to great effect in order to treat arthritis. Many patients with chronic arthritis have been able to cure their condition with the help of biologics.

With the widening vistas of medical innovations, patients will now be able to easily procure medication at potentially lesser expenses. The new medication is known as biosimilar which are similar to the brand biologics but definitely not exactly the same.

Biologics in Rheumatoid Arthritis

The new law will prohibit pharmacists from substituting the medication prescribed by the medical practitioner and substitute it with a biosimilar medicine without notifying the patient.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

New arthritis treatment biosimilars like biologics

On 23rd of February, the governor of Montana signed the law house Bill 233, which requires the pharmacist to communicate with the patient before interchanging any kind of medication. This really helps in keeping a clean medical record of the patient.

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, the immune system attacks the joints mistakenly in this disease. The job of the immune system is to fight various kinds of bacteria and viruses to protect the body from various kinds of diseases, but due to an error, it causes problems to the joints in the body.

This problem often leads to inflammation, thus causing the tissues to thicken resulting in pain and swelling along the area. The tissue or synovium secretes a fluid which lubricates the joints which help them in moving smoothly.

In case this inflammation is unchecked, it often leads to damage to the cartilage, the elastic tissue covering the bone, and in some cases the bone itself. Over time the joint spaces between bones become smaller and the loss of cartilage continues. This leads to instability in joints, pain, and reduction in mobility which sometimes results in joint deformity.

The fact of the matter is that joint damage cannot be reversed. In most cases, doctors look forward to early diagnosis and aggressive treatment to avoid further damage. Rheumatoid arthritis in most cases affects joints of feet like ankle, knees or of hands such as wrists and elbows with hand Numbness and Tingling.

In most cases, if one knee or wrist is affected, chances are that more often than not the other one is also affected. This disease can also affect other body systems such as respiratory and cardiovascular system it is often termed as a systematic disease; systematic means “affecting the entire body.”

Who are affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis?

In a survey and estimate, 1.5 million people have been affected by this health condition. In most cases, it is observed that mostly women are affected by this problem.

It usually happens when between 30 and 60, but in most cases, it is seen that it happens in the later stages of life. Having a family member suffering from this disease increases the chances of having such a problem.

Early treatment can really help in controlling the swelling and joint pain and thereafter lessen the joint damage. Walking, dancing, exercising, aerobic exercises helps in boosting muscle strength and lose weight. All this reduces pressure on the joints and reduces chances of rheumatoid arthritis as per wiki.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Seeking expert advice for rheumatoid arthritis is the best possible thing for patients. Early diagnosis and expert treatment as vital to ensure to avoid further problems.

Expertise is vital to treating this health condition, therefore ruling out of similar diseases is crucial. Those who receive early treatment can go back to living an active life. A customized treatment plan really helps patients in solving the problems comprehensively; a plan best suited to the patient really helps in fast recovery.

Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis

The first symptom of this health condition is achy joints, and stiffness of joints in the morning. Seeing a rheumatologist really helps in getting the diagnosis does on time. The diagnosis depends on the intensity of the disease with the help of blood tests.  Some other signs are anemia, elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate, rheumatoid factor, and Antibodies to cyclic citrullinated peptides. X-rays also help in diagnosing the problem.


The treatment of rheumatoid arthritis has improved manifold over the past 30 years. Modern medication gives quick and long term relief to the patient and patients can achieve remission with proper and timely treatment.

How you can naturally cure arthritis?

It is important to note that there is no such cure for rheumatoid arthritis, however, the goal is to lessen the intensity of the disease and provide relief to the patient naturally too. It is important to be physically active. Treatment by Rheumatologist helps the patient feel energetic and get back to their regular activities which will cure pain naturally.

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Food for arthritis pain relief

My mom is vegetarian and do not like non-veg foods like meat, fish, eggs etc. That is why, we made vegetarian food diet plan for my mom:

In Fruits, Apples and some other excellent sources of quercetin and rutin include cranberries, celery, citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime), capers, chamomile tea, green peppers.

Vitamin E is necessary for the body, here is the food, Almonds and some other top sources of vitamin E include avocado, palm oil, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, spinach, sunflower seeds! and wheat germ.

Vegan and vegetarian options include nuts and seeds, pineapples, and tofu.

Fortified cereals; bean, nuts, seeds (especially pumpkin!), and whole grains are very good non-meat sources of the mineral.

Managing stress in arthritis through the rajyoga meditation

Take admission in Brahmakumari Spiritual University and Learn Rajyoga Meditation to become stress free. In the whole world, this is only the university who is working to trend people to live stress free life through Rajyoga Meditation. I took my Mom there too to learn the same and fight with arthritis. Thanks GOD and Brahmakumari.

Factors which can worsen rheumatoid arthritis

  • Cigarette smoking: those who have a genetic predisposition to rheumatoid arthritis and are regular smokers can develop the problem at an early age. Not only does it lead to the disease, but it also increases the severity of the condition.
  • Obesity: Obesity is one of the most important factors which adds to rheumatoid arthritis. People who are overweight suffer from excess pressure on their knees which often leads to this health condition. People suffering from obesity from before they are 55 years of age are more susceptible to this form of arthritis.
  • Environmental factors: exposure to silica or asbestos can also cause rheumatoid arthritis. Since it is autoimmune disease a number of environmental factors contribute to its development.

Complications caused by the condition

  • Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is seen as a common side effect of rheumatoid arthritis. A number of medicines treating the conditions can often lead to the weakening of bones especially in women.
  • Dryness in mouth and eyes: Sjogren’s syndrome or decrements of moisture in eyes and mouth is also observed.
  • Increased infection: the medication and treatment can many times impair the immune system which further leads to increase chances of infection in the body.
  • Heart problems: A number of medicines which are used to treat it can affect the heart. It is sometimes observed that rheumatoid arthritis leads to hardening of arteries which can result in heart blockage.
  • Lymphoma: A rare side effect of rheumatoid arthritis is lymphoma. It is a type of blood cancer which develops in the lymph.

Positive rheumatoid factor treatment and Rheumatoid Arthritis ICD 9 Diagnosis Code, code can be used for treatment and it will help the doctor to treat arthritis patient.

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