A Look at the Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies In The USA

A Look at the Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies In The USA

Various medical companies in the US vie with one another to give the best plans to people. Out of them a couple stands out from the rest due to their affordable health insurance plans and wide range of policy benefits.

Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies

Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies

Here is a look at the top 10 medical companies in the USA:

1.Blue Cross

One of the top companies is Blue Cross, which is unique for the wide number of plans that it offers and also its various customization options. Easy reordering of medication through the company site and a free wellness program that offers discounts are its attractive features.

2. Aetna

Aetna is a prime medical insurance company offering some of the most attractive plans at very nominal rate. Take a look at their plans for people who are more than 55 years of age and you will find them to be certainly lower priced than what you see elsewhere.

3. Cigna

Cigna is yet another prime medical insurance company offering a wide range of attractive plans at very affordable rates. Their key feature is simple but effective policy plans, which offer a host of benefits to people.

4. Humana

You will find Humana to offer a wide range of attractive policies which cover everything ranging from a routine checkup to something as big as an emergency surgery. As it supports the ‘Accountable Care Payment Model’, bonuses are given to doctors to keep patients healthy.

5. United Health Care

Look into United Health Care to get a comprehensive policy which offers a wide range of coverage benefits at the lowest cost. Their policies offer a host of attractive features through which different types of discounts and reductions can be availed for treatment.

6. Centene

Another company that offers good insurance plans is Centene. Providing the most attractive coverage benefits, it’s clear to see why it has net sale worth more than 16 billion annually. Their affordable plans come with variety of options and the most essential coverage benefits which help pay policy holders much needed compensation during difficult situations.

7. Well Care health plans

You will find Well Care health plans to be highly attractive as they offer a host of benefits like none other. The company offers insurance through Medicaid and Medicare Health Plans as well as Medicare Prescription plans. Its net sales in 2017 crossed 374 billion, which shows the popularly of its low cost insurance schemes.

8. Molina Heath Care

Molina Heath Care offers a variety of affordable medical insurance plans for individuals and families. It primarily offers the government insurance schemes Medicare and Medicaid and its aim is to give insurance coverage benefits to people with the lowest income levels.

9. Kaiser Permanente

One of the most attractive medical insurance providers is Kaiser Permanente which offers a wide range of benefits for individuals as well as policy holders. Some of the features of their polices are highly attractive offering good value for money and good coverage benefits.

10. Health Care Service

Health Care Service organization is one of the oldest insurance companies in the US, offering comprehensive policies through its BlueCross and BlueShield plans, for individual, families and groups.

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