Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle
Many of my friends and relative, I have seen them treating from the doctor for some reasons. I think, if we follow some healthy lifestyle tips, we could save ourselves from various types of diseases. We should follow these healthy lifestyle suggested by various doctors.

Top 10 Health and Fitness Tips

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

I do not want to go to doctor ever, that is why I follow some good and healthy life style trends. I researched a lot on it and collected some of the tips suggested by doctors to stay disease free.

Best Life Tips to be healthy by body, mind and soul

First of all, we need to getup early in the morning and do meditation for half hour and take only positive things like reading holy books etc. We should avoid news paper or negative news in the morning. It affect our mind and soul.

What is the food for our mind in the morning to charge it up like cell phone? We need to charge our mind daily in the morning. We must do meditation for 10 minutes before sleep at night. It will heal us completely and have great sleep.

Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness in a Women, Men, Older People

1. Take Healthy Diet
2. Give up your bad habits like chewing tobacco, alcohol and cigarettes
3. Do not eat snack food, chocolate, ice-cream, pastries, biscuits, chips and cold drinks more etc
4. Take and include more and more fruits and vegetables in your life.
5. Go to bed early at night and wake up early too(Early to bed Early to rise)
6. Do exercise or Yoga daily in the morning and walk at evening after office
7. Do hangout with yourselves in free time for peace of mind in busy life. Take out time for yourselves and talk to yourselves.
8. Start drinking milk instead of wine or any other beverages
9. Take more Vitamin and calcium food like milk(Calcium), Vegetables etc
10. Meet your dietitian and ask food suggestion
11. Do not skip your breakfast
12. Drink more and more waters

Various types of Juice for various diseases

Various types of Juice for various diseases

If you require to add more tips, you can give or add comments.

Benefits of More Drinking Water

Image: Healthrecoverytips Benefits of More Drinking Water

If you are going to long walk in the morning, you should drink one bottle of water before going to toilet, it is good for body. We should have health insurance in our life. It will help us in crisis time.

One more and last tips, sleep well and manage time to sleep well. In this busy life, we could not be able to sleep more. I practically tested my sleep, after the practicing of the Rajyoga Meditation, my sleep has got improved. I take sleep how much it is needed only, no waste sleep. We are wasting our time to lie on bed. Early to bed, early to rise makes us healthy, wealthy and wise. So, what are you thinking?
These are the top tips for a Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness for our Family, you wanna start.
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