What is exactly Trumpcare?

President Trump Medicare For All

The American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA or nicknamed Trumpcare) was a bill in the 115th United States Congress. The bill, which was approved by the United States House of Representatives. But It is not by the United States Senate, would have partially repealed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Trumpcare? Finding USA Health Insurance
Trumpcare? Finding USA Health Insurance

Acronym : AHCA
Colloquial name(s) : Trumpcare, Ryancare, Republicare, Obamacare Lite
Introduced in : 115th United States Congress
Introduced on : March 20, 2017

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Full Details About Trumpcare AHCA

Trumpcare Medicare Facts

  1. The AHCA phases out Medicaid expansion provided under the ACA.
  2. Wealthier people benefit.
  3. More Freedom for the Insurance Companies

Trumpcare vs Obamacare

Under the ACA (Obamacare) there is an separate mandate, which needs every American to buy health insurance and keep that coverage year-round. And It is mandate. Under the AHCA (Trumpcare) there is no individual mandate.

Is Trumpcare better than Obamacare?

Check out this video to get answer clearly. And also you can check this on Quora:


Obamacare to Trumpcare FAQs.

How do I apply for Trumpcare?

You can apply through Covered California by:

You can submit your online application on CoveredCA.com.
Calling 1-800-300-1506 (TTY: 1-888-4500), Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 6PM PT; Saturdays from 8AM to 5PM.
You can apply in person with a certified
Applying in person with a certified enroller, insurance agent, or your local agency
Mailing a paper application.

Finding Health Insurance USA.gov

If you are looking for health insurance plan you have to visit usa.gov/finding-health-insurance, and find information on health insurance and how to find this and how to signup for health insurance including the ACA, COBRA, health care for disabled people and long term care etc.

1.Affordable Care Act
2.Health Insurance Plans
3.Continuation of Health Coverage: COBRA
4.Long-Term Care Health Insurance and
5.Health Resources for People with Disabilities

Check out this page for full information Finding health insurance

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